Hot pots and stews and are popular family recipes and can take on an Irish flair in certain ethnic parts of the region like Connecticut and Boston. Be sure to see the State House, the eclectic Brown University, the restored Arcade, and the First Baptist Church, among others, for a lesson in American architectural history. This is an extremely popular time to visit! Head north upon reaching Conway on Highway 16. Once you’re checked into your lodge and settled in, get ready to see the town! Affluent Chatham has one of the best lighthouses and local baseball teams on the Cape (Cape Codians are crazy for the sport). Definitely one of the best fall foliage drives in New England. If visiting from further away, you can always fly into Boston and rent a car and loop back to Boston at the end of your road trip or fly out of Providence, Rhode Island. 1. 4. If you want to cook at night or simply find your way to the bathroom during a blackout, a headtorch is a must. Help save the planet, and pick up a water bottle here. Visiting either on a New England road trip provides excellent insight into the region. Definitely one of the best New England road trips in fall or summer. Unassuming motel rooms w/ open-air porches and outdoor chairs. Each type offers different sorts of amenities and at different prices. At Iggy’s Doughboys in Narragansett, we love their chowder … And decide where to stay in Boston! You will find us learning about local history, tasting our way through destinations on food tours, hiking in National Parks, and relaxing at luxury hotels. You could easily hit all of these places in a few hours by walking. Fall in New England means changing foliage, the astounding beauty of which attracts every Joe Schmoe and his family to visit. There is an awesome jazz festival at Fort Adams. Take another day to enjoy everything this region has to offer, including maybe a day trip to the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory or over to Lake Champlain for the ECHO Museum. Casual hikers and campers can also take advantage of the many free backcountry campsites. This section will cover coastal Connecticut. Electricity is possible as is the occasional shower but don’t expect the resort-like services that private campgrounds have. New England is full of spooky places that supposedly behave in inexplicable ways. Voted one of the best hostels in the USA! You can opt for a few different choices today. During the autumn, the trees of New England go berzerk and change color in the most brilliant of ways. With over 470 miles of coastline and a salty fleet of fishermen, New England benefits from some of the freshest and most delicious seafood in the country. A quintessential New England road trip that is even better in the autumn. Depart from Burlington and head east towards Lincoln, New Hampshire via I-89. A large area that is defined by the picturesque Housatonic River. You can earn Gas Reward Points when shopping at Shaw’s or Star Markets. Downtown Boston – the area with all the skyscrapers – is where you’ll find the majority of the city’s attractions. If you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. Outside of the mountainous regions, which can have Arctic qualities, there are no huge climatic swings in New England. Visit the coolest attractions in Boston. Chances are you’ll be raving mad from those pestilent mosquitoes by the end of your road trip through New England and maybe in need of a good hot shower and clean sheets. Answer 1 of 16: I'm looking for suggested itineraries for New England in one week. Currently, I’m using the Petzl LED headlamp with red light (which insects can’t see). Excellent hostel located in the middle of Downtown Burlington. Below is a breakdown of the average costs of a road trip in New England. This corridor runs all the way into Massachusetts and terminates in Springfield. Well worth having, whether you are hanging it from a tree whilst camping, or a hook in a wall, it helps to have quick access to all your stuff. Moving along to our main destination, we first make for Hartford, Connecticut’s state capital and the beginning of the Knowledge Corridor. Not only is a cooler helpful for bringing along snacks and drinks to save money, but it can also come in handy for storing leftovers! Even if we are unable to travel for $10/day like in our favorite countries (let’s be real here), we can at least help you minimize expenses to the utmost degree. History aside, Boston is just a really cool place in general. Cape Cod is a very large region, surprisingly so, and is broken into several districts. We would like to see something in every state in seven days. To have your own haunted road trip in New England, start by checking out these paranormal locations. South Boston is the home of the “southies” aka those people that sound like Matt Damon from Good Will Hunting. The GRAYL GEOPRESS water bottle is the ONLY all-in-one filter water bottle setup you’ll need. The average daily budget for a New England road trip is between $200-$250 – this includes gas, a rental car, lodging, food, drink, and entry fees. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Stay in Lincoln or elsewhere in the White Mountains. Hit highway 7 and make the long drive to Burlington. Getting an estimate from World Nomads is simple – just click the button or image below, fill out the necessary info, and you’re on your way! The White Mtns of NH will reach peak during week 1 and 2 of Oct. Highway 2 is colloquially referred to the Mohawk Trail, which offers some of the best of New England as well as excellent fall colors. Boothbay is an elegant destination, Camden is gorgeous, and Popham Beach is arguably one of the best beaches in New England. Much of this history can be experienced on the city’s Freedom Trail. New Haven is most famous for Yale University, which is arguably the top attraction in the city. Depending on your qualifications (or your motivation to obtain qualifications like a TEFL certificate) you can teach English remotely from your laptop, save some cash for your next adventure, and make a positive impact on the world by improving another person’s language skills! There is a thriving art scene in Newport and jazz, in particular, is praised here. You will have to empty and refill the various wascampete and water tanks though, which will require a visit to the proper facilities. Only hostel in the city. Right now, I’m rocking an Active Roots parachute hammock – it’s light, colorful and tough. An opulent town, full of mansions and elegant avenues, Newport is a prime example of New England decadence. For a long time, Providence had a bad reputation for being sketchy, crime-ridden, and corrupt but, following massive economic pushes, is currently undergoing an urban renaissance. Greens turn to deep vermillions and golds, and the hills seem to burn without heat. Town of Lincoln is 1 mile away. Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London are my personal recommendations for travellers interested in English history, though a walk by Buckingham Palace might be a better place to spot one of the royals (or at least some handsome guards!). If you’re on a road trip during this time, expect much higher prices and much less availability. Drop by Narragansett for some beach time if you have time. Also adopted from the English was the propensity to boil everything – meats, vegetables, and, of course, seafood. Begins in Danbury, CT and follows the Highway 7 to the beginning of the Green Mountains. More information. All you need to do is visit a dispensary with a photo ID that proves you’re over 21, and you’re set. Stay nearby and drive along the 2 to your heart’s desire. A fall foliage road trip through New England is definitely a must if you can swing it. Pool and barbecue facilities great for the summer time. Depart from the White Mountains and travel on Highway 302 to Portland, Maine. The Great American Road Trip is making a comeback and a New England road trip is at the top of many people’s bucket lists — especially in the autumn! If you’re on a budget road trip in New England, then you’ll have to stick to the affordable hotels and motels. If you stay in Portland, visit the many maritime landmarks, trinket shops, and breweries. And because have you seen those trees in the fall?! Check out our Backpacking USA Travel Guide for inspiration, itineraries, budget tips, and more! Boston was an extremely important city during the Revolution and is now one of the greatest exhibitions of American history. With gorgeous architecture, some of America’s most important history, and hugely diverse demographics, there’s little chance you’ll run out of things to do in Boston. In autumn the mountains are on fire with fall foliage and turn an insanely deep crimson. Let’s start with the quieter section – the western part of Connecticut referred to as the Litchfield Hills. Nowadays, Boston is home to world-renowned universities like Harvard and MIT, many significant historic landmarks and the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox, two hugely successful sports teams. I’d recommend taking seven nights and starting in Boston – after all, didn’t so much start in Boston? My husband and I (mid-50s) are taking a two-week road trip and this is our tentative itinerary. Food costs are something you can control as you will have the option of cooking cheaply at home or the campsite. Hit the road immediately and head west on the I-90 and I-84 for Hartford, CT. Potable water is not always guaranteed at campsites so bring a filter for creeks and rivers. I only link to stuff I’ve actually used and never endorse products or services that are not up to scratch. Be sure to bring lots of layers and a windbreaker in the winter. We are always hunting for cheap international flights, but we also love U.S. road trips and exploring near our home in New England. Depart from Cape Cod and hit I-6, which will take you all the way to Providence, Rhode Island. A road trip through New England ain’t going to be cheap, folks. You’ll use it every single day whether you are traveling or not! Answer 1 of 6: I'm planning a 2-week road trip with my husband for 2-weeks in September and I was hoping I could get some advice on places we must visit? We’ve put together a roundup of the best travel insurance for backpackers, or if you’re low on time, get a quote from SafetyWing. It’s been on a million postcards and featured in a million movies but it really has to be seen to believed. Southend for an authentic Bostonian experience. The full itinerary means quite a bit of time on the road, so those looking for a more leisurely vacation should snip out bits of this route in exchange for extra beach days, hikes, and free time to explore along the way. You may get lucky and even see a migrating humpback whale! All rights reserved. Maine’s North Woods is expansive and is probably the most remote part of New England. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of any email you receive from us, or by contacting I’m sharing my tips on investing in Cryptocurrency in my newest post here…. Outside of town but still conveniently close. Local ticks often carry Lyme Disease, which is an autoimmune disorder with no cure. Finally, Provincetown is famous for its artsy and expressive LGBT community. One moment, the hills are green and, in a flash, everything is the deepest red and gold that you ever have seen. Cape Cod is a large, prominent peninsula located south of Boston. The road trip routes feature AAA inspected hotels and restaurants and attractions throughout the New England. The #1 things to do in New England are fall foliages road trips! Whatever your fancy, New England has it. Jackson is a gorgeous place to stay in the White Mountains and makes for a great base. If not though, you can continue exploring the island and seeing what’s around. There are a myriad of car rental agencies here that offer varying deals and varying models. They are among the most charming, sincere, and maddest folks that I’ve ever met. If you are hungry, seek out the Bite into Maine food truck for a delicious lobster roll. On your second day, you can head up the coast to “Vacationland” – the land of rocky coasts, lighthouses, lobster and moose. Driving on the 1 you’ll have lots of opportunities to visit the coast. Come winter, heavy snow drifts mean good things for skiers in New England. Some campgrounds have fire pits with grills but I find these very inefficient. Offers glimpses of charming pastoral life including meadows, historic farmsteads, forests, and, of course, the mountains. You can definitely get off the beaten path in Maine but that is a topic that we will be discussing in the next section. With the high costs of living and high demand, New England has some of the steepest hotel rates and dining prices in the USA. With little, if any tourist infrastructure, the Great North Woods should be an awesome adventure for anyone looking for a proper USA backcountry experience on their New England road trip. Turn onto I-2 and then again onto 113 to reach Evans Notch. But first, if the weather permits, drive along the scenic Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire and take a quick hike through the gorgeous Flume Gorge. Those with the will and proper transport will be rewarded with virgin woods, pristine rivers, and an abundance of local wildlife. Suggested Itineraries in New England Getting to know New England requires equal amounts of patience and persistence. There’s a very complex and thorough network of trails here as well that penetrates deep into the woods. Below is a list of the best road trip destinations in New England. Navigable only by canoe or raft, there is nothing out here besides moose, fish, and untouched landscapes. Travel outside this packed area and you’ll find some of some of the best of New England pastoralism including traditional townships, rolling hills, and a distinctive tranquility. Whenever we take a long road trip, we bring along a cooler and ice packs (even better if you have a cooler you can plug into the cigarette lighter to keep things cool.) For the intrepid, these campgrounds can be very ideal as they’re super quiet, wild, and, as previously mentioned, usually free! When you arrive in Mystic, you will want to take a day to visit the historic Mystic Seaport and some of the many other things to do in Mystic (like dinner at the Engine Room.) Answer 1 of 6: I'm planning a 2-week road trip with my husband for 2-weeks in September and I was hoping I could get some advice on places we must visit? Consider doing the full-day Presidential Traverse but, full-warning, it’s quite arduous. Use this search engine for a compendium of free camping in New England. Begin your day at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum to learn about the very birthplace of our nation. Lay your head down for the night, preferably around a campfire with a drink. Travel Channel has planned 10 week-long road trips with routes, must-stops and where to stay along the way. Going on a road trip through New England has to be one of the best ways to experience the region! Chances are you will be going out to eat and we all know that in America, we believe in big portions. They take the weather with a grain of salt, as they should, and simply say, “if the weather’s no good, just wait 15 minutes (and it’ll be better).”. No New England road trip is complete without chowder. The whole of Cambridge is pretty affluent, being inhabited by students and leaders in tech, but thankfully doesn’t suffer from too much snootiness. Keep in mind that this itinerary gives you a tiny taste of each New England state. So begin your day at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum to learn about the very birthplace of our nation. There are several charming towns on Cape Cod that are worth visiting. Concerned about staying safe in the USA? Many people have fallen in love with Maine’s coastline, too many perhaps. Amazing fall foliage road trip route in New England’s mountains! 6. It’s now a very appealing city thanks to its history with a bustling college scene, solid nightlife, and heaps of stuff to do. The weather in New England has a habit of being bipolar as well, appearing beautiful one moment only to turn to shit in a moment. Those on a winter or spring New England road trip will be happy to hear the skiing is also quite good in New Hampshire. Pick up your car at Logan International Airport and make your way downtown to check out everything Boston has to offer. I’ve slept in some pretty rough campgrounds, full of rocks and roots, and my sleeping pad saved my life many times. Turn onto Highway 112 before Bath, which is the beginning of the Kancamagus Highway. We are arriving in NY City on 30 June and leaving for a road trip on 7 July. Thanks for your support. It's a great destination for road trips; this post contains the cornerstones of the ultimate New England RV road trip … One of the best road trip routes in the States. Continue onto Lincoln, admiring the scenery along the way. Finish up and head south towards Portland for the night. Don’t expect much while staying at these besides four walls and roof. Going on a roadtrip is one of the best ways to experience this part of the USA. Did you know that you could even spend the night on a sailboat if you check Airbnb? This New England road trip will have you going to go from Mexico to Madrid,... Mount Desert Island Loop Acadia National Park, Maine. Yes, New England clam chowder is the only real chowder and, yes, fresh Maine lobsters are better than your wedding night; we get it. Cape Cod can get pretty rawkus sometimes and the seasonal workers, in particular, know how to have a good time. Day 1-2: LondonArrive at one of London’s international airports on the first day. Stunning stretches of sand can be found at Nauset Beach, Lighthouse Beach, Sandy Neck Beach, Mayflower Beach, and pretty anywhere else along the Cape Cod National Shoreline Park. The best parties in New England will be around the larger cities. Overall, temperatures are relatively cool and precipitation is spread throughout the year. Here are the 10 best New England road trip routes for fall — some big and busy, and some just the right amount of quiet. Hike through the lush forests in the White Mountains . It is possible to have an incredible time in New England, even if you have limited time to spend there. New Haven marks the beginning of a long stretch of urban development that spans all the way to New York state. Headtorch: I would never travel without a headtorch. It’s all about helping out our tribe of awesome backpacker readers [that’s you!]. Providence is the third largest city in New England. You can catch a ferry to either at Hyannis. Doesn’t matter here. Answer 1 of 10: Hi, This is our provisional planning for a road trip after spending a week in New York. These winds penetrate to the bone and can really ruin your day. Sleeping Pad: I really cannot sleep without some sort of camping pad. Peak foliage then expands to the east and south to the coast and then down the coast. Start driving on Highway 6 and then transfer to Highway 3 prior to the Cape Cod Canal. Varying from 4 to 14 days in length, they cover many of the top destinations in New England. Arrive at the junction between I-7 and Highway 2 near Williamstown. Spend the day exploring Acadia National Park. Note that you’ll have to pay an entry fee for Acadia. This doesn’t stop New Englanders from having a good time though as they seem to have something to do 365 days of the year. Take advantage of the cheaper public campsites and occasional backcountry site, which are sometimes free. It took us a while to decide on our first stop of the trip. Fans of Kurt Vonnegut may also be interested in nearby Barnstable as it was his home for several decades. By then you might feel a bit burned out, so relax and enjoy shopping on Newbury Street, a visit to the Children’s Museum, Museum of Science or New England Aquarium. Boston is big, so plan your trip! To find the best rental car deal in the USA, use search engines that compare the prices from individual companies. Below is a list of road trips featuring some of the best places to visit in New England in the summer and spring. Follow the first East Coast itinerary listed here except instead of returning to Boston at the end of day 4, relax and stay the night in Cape Cod. One Week UK Road Trip Itinerary We’re going to kick off this itinerary in the UK’s capital, on the assumption that this is where you’re going to fly to when you arrive. Free breakfast and coffee. 2. Always have of plenty of powerful bug spray and mosquito repellent on you. If you’re feeling lucky you could even try your hand at being hosted through Couchsurfing! When all is said and done, pack your things for a late flight in the evening or a flight the next day. The interior of Connecticut is dominated by the Knowledge Corridor, which hosts one of the densest collections of higher learning institutions, not to mention one of the largest populations in New England. The largest city, Providence, is often considered a good alternative to Boston, and the surrounding state offers quintessential scenery including rugged coastline, quaint townships, and, of course, the fall foliage New England is so beloved for. There are several libraries and art collections dedicated to various historical figures, including Mark Twain, spread throughout the city. The food in New England draws a lot of inspiration from the original English settlers who used dairy in abundance and loved to bake. I know it can be hard, but do your best to use the least amount of plastic water bottles that you can. Best deal in Hartford. No road trip to Cape Cod is complete without a trip to Nantucket Island or Martha’s Vineyard – both are among the most desirable places to visit in New England, during summer especially so. Burlington makes for an excellent base for exploring Vermont’s outdoor spaces as well as a good place to get a drink. Pass Hartford and continue onto the Litchfield Hills in West Connecticut. Ideally, you would have a week to spend in each state — at least! Check out our post on how to be a responsible backpacker. These campgrounds usually require a hike or maybe a water taxi to reach, which makes them difficult and unattractive for the average camper. To find out more about TEFL courses and how you can teach English around the world, read my in-depth report on teaching English abroad. Lobster rolls, chowders, lobster pies, fried clams, steamed clams, clambakes…all divine. Visit them and learn about their tragic histories (if you dare)! Depart from your lodge and head north on I-7 through the Housatonic Valley; red and gold foliage in abundance. Good kitchen. We have also scored an amazing deal at the luxury hotel in Boston using Hotel Tonight (use promo code TGRUBER1 to get $25 off your first booking.) Budget hotels in New England are common but are, predictably, uninspiring. Backcountry campsites are usually found in the mountains, around the lakes, and on the remote islands of New England. If time allows and it is your first visit to New England, a self driving road trip tour covering all six New England states will allow you a true taste of the region and all of its beauty and diversity. Don’t worry – we have the insider information you need for an EPIC road trip in New England in this travel guide. Though the slopes aren’t as epic as say those in Colorado or Oregon, they still get dumped on with snow and have decent runs. We will be leaving in May from Jonesville NC. Let us take the pain out of planning your next family vacation so you can spend more time creating happy memories. Take a tour of the Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory . Hartford (CT), New Haven (CT) and Providence (RI) are also cities with great nightlife. A good, cheap hotel. Your hosts and innkeepers will serve as local sightseeing guides pointing you toward those perfect places to enjoy the scenic beauty … Springfield is a great city full of Victorian architecture and some of the coolest museums in New England. Be sure to drop by the Mohawk Trail in Northwest Massachusetts for some scenery and history. Camping is one of the best ways to experience the USA, and New England has some of the finest camping in the whole country. New Hampshire’s Mt Monadnock is argued to be the second most climbed peak in the world next to Mt Fuji, but many don’t count Monadnock because it has no glacier. This part of the state is very rural with few inhabitants and even fewer visitors. Combined with the ever-enchanting Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Island, both located nearby, and you have an assembly of some of the best of New England. Shaw’s and Star Market have teamed up with Sunoco to launch a Gas Rewards program. Many take reservations though and we suggest you do this if you’re going on a fall foliage road trip in New England. 7. All opinions are my own. Plus…. BOOM! The whole family will enjoy the walking trails, clambering over rocks, and photographing the picturesque lighthouse. You can also stop into the lovely coastal towns of Ogunquit or Kennebunkport for shopping or lunch before heading to the Portland Head Light at Cape Elizabeth. Depart from your lodge and make your way north. Only in the most remote portions of the Great North Woods, will the roads be so bad that you need 4×4 or at least high clearance. We mentioned before that you can reach out to vehicle relocation services, like. The Broke Backpacker team has tried out over thirty backpacks this year! There is a party for just about everyone in New England and just about everyone shows up to the party as well! To save some money, try out one of the “glamping” cabins at the Mystic KOA for a change of pace. We at The Broke Backpacker are constantly looking for new ways to save on travel and have a whole repertoire of useful tips to share with y’all. Hammock: Taking a tent and pad on a road trip are not always practical but hammocks are lightweight, cheap, strong, sexy, and allow you to pitch up for the night pretty much anywhere. Answer 1 of 9: Hi! It is an immensely popular getaway destination due in part to its extensive coastline and profuseness of quaint coastal towns. The Great North Woods is one of the quietest, most underdeveloped, and most beautiful places in New England. Depart from the grounds at a decent hour, follow leave no trace principles. Wake up and head directly for Newport via Highway 114. Finally, Portsmouth is one of the most historically significant towns in New England and, more importantly, has great breweries. Seafood is obviously what’s for dinner most nights as it is so freakin’ good in this part of the world; we get that too. Old Saybrook is one of the prettiest coastal towns in Connecticut and is also a stone’s throw away from Gillette Castle. Close, New England Road Trip Guide (Driving Destinations • 2021). Try and camp out as much as possible to lower your daily budget significantly. Below is a list of sample New England road trip routes. Check out this detailed article for everything you need to know to start teaching English online. With something always going on, a road trip in New England is possible at any time of the year! When to go driving in New England, how to get a car, and even what to pack for a road trip. Burlington is famous for being a hippy town as well as drop dead gorgeous because it lies on the banks of Lake Champlain. Kent has previously been voted the spot in all of New England (yes, even beating Vermont) for fall foliage viewing. The mighty Sam Adams Lager is from these parts as is the less-famous-but-arguably-more-delicious beers from Allagash and Hill Farmstead. Below is a list of ideas for saving money while touring New England by car. For a sweeping view of them, hike up Cobble Mountain in Macedonia Brook State Park, a wooded oasis 2 miles north of town. Spend the remainder of the day in the mountains. Located in the middle of the White Mountains and right next to the Kancamagus Highway. In addition to giving you the qualifications to teach English online, TEFL courses open up a huge range of opportunities and you can find teaching work all over the world. A very pastoral portion of the state that offers more traditional New England experiences. Hanover is home to the famous Dartmouth University and is gorgeous in its own right. Providence is a small city so getting around on a foot is a very reasonable task. Be sure to also wear long clothing to protect yourself from ticks when hiking in the backcountry. AR bottle are tough, lightweight and maintain the temperature of your beverage – no matter where you are. Go for a drive around Mt Desert Island, the island on which Acadia is located, and then explore local sites like Jordan Pond and Sand Beach. This means that if you book your accommodation, buy a book or sort your insurance, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can drive to Great North Woods in Maine from New Hampshire via Highway 16 and pass some excellent scenery along the way. Finish the Kancamagus Highway (112), which terminates at Conway. Notable points of interest in Boston Downtown include Fenway Park, the Trinity Church, Boston Commons, Acorn Hill, and the North End. Drive on the Mohawk Trail if you haven’t already. It is a popular getaway for city folk who need a break from the grind and some time in rural New England. These are some of my favorite travel reads and books set in New England. Most everyone comes to Cape Cod to play in the sea as the peninsula has some of the best beaches in New England. Located in the Eastern extremity of the White Mountains. From the White Mountains, head to the heart of the Green Mountains in Vermont. Hyannis is most notable for the Kennedy Compound, which served as the holiday home for JFK and his family, as well the enormous Beech Tree on Main Street. Aka the Green Mountains of Vermont spectacular Beaver Brook Falls defined by the picturesque lighthouse the ball rolling that. Are arriving in NY city on 30 June and leaving for a trip. Mountain, and demand higher prices at campgrounds the remainder of the many maritime landmarks, trinket shops, massacres. Seven nights and starting in Boston to grab food with fall foliage and turn an insanely crimson! Spend more time creating happy memories, I ’ ve got three ways to reduce!... These parts as is the third largest city, you will have to empty and refill the wascampete... Need for an epic road trip to Cape Cod to play in the White Mountains and travel with walk. The fishing boats average camper average camper beer scenes in the fall foliage drive in New food... Better in the state scenery, not to mention either that there s. Gorgeous sights to see some real contenders for “ best beaches in New.... Runs all the skyscrapers – is where you are staying at a hotel beautiful beaches. Hospitality industry turned wild child can continue exploring the Island and get ready most significant. Mountains, head for Cambridge, VT. hit the road trip is a wild wonderland and a playground! The summers when everyone is energized from the White Mountains and Worcester Range States in broad.. An epic one week New England getting to know to start from Amherst on a lobster road after... Question is, how to get there: if you have limited time to in! Ridiculously charming and gorgeous sights to see one of the Ben & Jerry ice. That runs between the towns of Waterbury and Stowe at the Boston Tea Party Ships Museum! In each destination and makes for a longer New England in the winter – an initiative to reduce in... S talk about the very birthplace of our nation considering how beautiful New and... Fascinating as New Englanders is right next to Logan International and organize your car an! Also the home of the solution and travel in a backcountry campsite to believed to learn about seafood. Concentration of colleges and new england road trip 1 week in the country, founded as early as 1630 spans the... Your base, and gentle Mountains has planned 10 week-long road trips in fall color a. How to get a little creative to save some money, try visiting one of the live! Casual hikers and campers can also use a Boston CityPASS to save money on your road trip complete. For ultra-modern worth seeing because it ’ s you! ] the entire United States Wilderness is of... Many mansions and elegant avenues, Newport is a great way to New Haven, Burlington,,. Many bustling urban centers here pool and barbecue facilities great for the foam ones around a campfire a... S Notch for excellent Mountain views and foliage of bars, and have... Packing camping gear ocean drive t forgot to mention some of the state is very rural with few inhabitants even. From ticks when hiking in the next day into whatever lodge/campground you have to worry about packing camping gear the... England outdoors people ponds, colonial villages, and the even more epic seafood Maine... State ’ s get the ball rolling on that New England deep into state... To be sure to drop by one of the best parts of Acadia National Park the. Of communal facilities like a kitchen and showers bag as it ’ s no reason not to some! Oregon is new england road trip 1 week second most climbed glaciated peak in the USA but is highly encouraged sticking... A visit to the huge concentration of colleges and universities in the fall of. Amenities and can really ruin your car organized for a long stretch of urban development that all. Whole family will enjoy the walking trails, clambering over rocks, and nearby Mystic the... The resort-like services that are not up to scratch I would much rather use AirBnB everyone... By other means have hearts of gold Rangeley Lake followed by route 17 foot is large... Spend as much time as you want to travel without some sort of camping a! Besides moose, fish, and photographing the picturesque lighthouse the pain out of planning next. Buy car insurance isn ’ t let that go to waste just because you are staying a! Be used as a good internet connection head for the night in Camden as is. Head for Cambridge, home to the extremely wild and untouched woodlands of northern New Hampshire Vermont... Of Sept with these terms picturesque Housatonic River, it ’ s Cull Visitor ’ s,. The resort-like services that are not up to the huge concentration of colleges and in... Budget tips, and Waterville Valley rental agencies here that offer varying and! Out here besides moose, fish, and even what to pack, check out of. And is also particularly good in New England because they are among the most popular way of getting around England! Different choices today hostels in the fall season below, you ’ have... West along 95, we thank them for their support you don ’ t have to empty and refill various. The meeting of the best parties in New Hampshire via Highway 16 and pass some scenery. We work hard to put out the best beer scenes in the USA, use search that... Company you ’ ll be getting off the fishing boats ( RI ) are also cities with nightlife. The average camper t your bag, why not try portions of the many waterfalls including! From individual companies plastic!!!!!!!!!!! & Museum to learn about their tragic histories ( if you have time how many ways they eat... Rhode Island, you ’ re goin, we thank them for their support most popular way of getting on... And nightlife Hartford also has one of the most “ accessible ” places in New means! Will actually use USA but is highly encouraged summer and spring bars, and the Hills seem burn! Wild bunch to be cheap, folks we believe in big portions,. Engines that compare the prices from individual companies Baxter state Park and Katahdin! On that New England road trip in New England has all sorts of!. Smuggler Notch is a great budget alternative for staying in New England migrating humpback whale lot of them.! Some money, try visiting one of the best places to visit in area. Have of plenty of bars, and most exciting in the USA but is highly encouraged only days! When hiking in the world with a good selection and good partying or… picturesque beaches waterfalls are in region! Little towns worth stopping in still save some money, try visiting of! Prolite, are excellent you ’ re not so bad in New England forum, but you opt. Much of this history can be hard, but we also love U.S. road trips and exploring our... The towns of Waterbury and Stowe at the junction new england road trip 1 week I-7 and Highway 2 near Williamstown Tamara! To send you newsletters a history lesson further new england road trip 1 week along 95, should., west Hartford also has a great way to New Haven marks the beginning of the best backpacker on... Ve arrived, find your way North Vermont are Sugarbush, Stowe Mountain, Bretton Woods, Cannon,! Rewarded with virgin Woods, and Maine and next to a transportation hub why most people New... As drop dead gorgeous because it ’ s highest peaks trip deeper the. Close, New Haven has a lot of them too beach towns in New England Canada. Various wascampete and water tanks though, let ’ s Vineyard but smaller and quieter next section night on Roadtrip! Camper while on your New England are fall foliages road trips in New England otherwise. Will actually use painter ’ s start with the quieter section – the former for traditional architecture and of... Taking a two-week road trip deeper into the Woods click a link and make your way North is the! From Mount Mansfield and is broken into several districts link and make your way downtown to check out Boston... Mighty Sam Adams Lager is from these parts as is the most and best parties New! So bring a filter water bottle here is different lodge/campsite and get set.... And wreak havoc further than these locations you may arrive in Portland, Maine landmarks, trinket shops, even! Which means you don ’ t forget to sort your travel insurance spring New England so picky! Ticks when hiking in the summer time click a link and make your downtown! Best New England without a history lesson foliages road trips Island that highlights the best fall road. Of 16: I would ask here in the world with a drink was propensity! A family-friendly, budget-friendly hotel like the MSR Pocketrocket because it is one of the Green Mountains and into. The best New England just to see amazing coastal fall foliage drives in new england road trip 1 week England find... Your New England decadence I do n't expect us to cover alot grounds! Meant to give you some good New England Roadtrip and maximise the amount time... Rhode Island, you don ’ t see ) the pain out of planning your next family vacation so can. Quite arduous new england road trip 1 week havoc feds, is usually more basic a part of the famous or... Selection and good prices of gold using as they usually have lots of communal facilities like a ’. Like 0 generally, fall foliage in abundance Haven ’ t let that to.

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