Ano Hana is more "intense", while True Tears is on the softer side. Die Thematik wurde ebenfalls in Form von zwei Hörspielen und zwei Internetradio-Sendungen aufgegriffen. A loves B but A loves C, C loves A but B is her friend, D loves A but Z loves D. Both involve complicated love relationships between various members of the main cast. While in True Tears it is mostly focused on one male main character and his relationships and putting the other a bit in the background, are in kimikiss two male leads. And last but not least, they are both executed well. Both also deliver a very compelling story with strong music., „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. Read recommendations by 7 more users White Album 2 add permalink. The main female protagonist from both series is a bit odd although although their personalities contrast with another from its perspective series. Fiv- UHH I lost count! Both have beautiful art and very similar stories, I think. And both like talking about hopes and dreams. Dann das Ende, und so leid es mir tut, aber das Ende ist eins der größten Enttäuschungen die ich seit langer Zeit gesehen habe. both are P.A Works with very similar animation like the autumn feel of both, a feature for True Tears was even shown in Hanairo, both have similar stories and character design, Both are pretty focused on Romance, Drama and School. It involves DNA clocks and natural logarithms. If you really a fan of romance, you're gonna love white album 2. Ich muss sagen ich war schon ziemlich begeistert von der Serie, die viel Romantik, viel Gefühl und viel Dramatik bietet. Clannad has supernatural elements while True Tears doesn't. Pays d'origine: Japon. Moreover, Noe reminds of Misuzu about this side. Valerie Bertinelli is still feeling the loss of late ex-husband Eddie Van Halen, who died at the age of 65 in October following a years-long battle with cancer. Nombre d'épisodes: 13. Dieser Sammelband umfasst 210 Seiten und wurde von dem Verlag Softbank Creative herausgegeben. The route that the main relationship takes affects the other relationships in some way. August 2008 und wurde von Sweets produziert und vermarktet.[2]. Romance anime that has similar tones. Love triangle with a tricky, touching outcome. Ein Manga, der auf der Handlung des Spieles aufbaut, erschien bereits am 10. They both have characters that love their little sisters too much. Die beiden treffen sich des Öfteren in einem Imagawayaki Geschäft, wo Aiko Andō (安藤 愛子, Andō Aiko), die die Schule bereits verlassen hat, als Verkäuferin arbeitet. The scripts of both are written by Okada Mari. Well, the only difference here is that, in True Tears, the siblings are not actually related by blood (despite certain implications that it might be the case). Works is first of all involved in both series. Er lebt zusammen mit seinen Eltern und seiner Klassenkameradin Yuasa Hiromi, die nach dem Tod ihrer Eltern von … melodrama) He lives with his mother, father, and fellow high school student Hiromi Yuasa who moved into his house after her father died. That might also explain the explicit display of chickens, bordering on obsession. Her rationale? Both have an eccentric, cute female character. Both anime have touching drama, melody, and is a slow paced anime that is heartwarming. The drama and characters (all of them in True Tears, and a sufficient number in Shuffle) feel genuine and engaging. In der Schule hingegen ist sie sehr bekannt, sportlich talentiert und scheint häufig gut gelaunt zu sein. Similar feelings when you are watching them. Rumbling Hearts) utilizes a true tradegy to excuse it's effective melodrama. the main character also likes drawing, and wants to go to a school that his mom don't accepte just like the main characters of Tsuki ga kirei , Also they started airing around the same time =). März 2006 für den PC auf DVD verkauft. But the characters personality are little bit different, 'cause in myself ; yourself don't include harem although true tears including it. -) Toradora is a romantic comedie, with enough drama and great character evolution. Both girl characters don't talk much , and they both love a sport that they are good at. I think Haruhi and Noe are very similar. However, it is a high risk of crying, so if you decide to watch True Tears and then Sukitte Ii na yo, prepare your tissues if you are a sentimental person. Durée: 24 minutes par épisode. Their themes are similar: romance, youth and growth. Both series contains that slice-of-life theme and daily school life. There is also comedy and of course romance. I assure you that :D. Has very similar atmosphere between them, hesitancy, ambivalence, and boom! Sunohara (clannad) is just a comic relief though, whereas Nobuse (True Tears) is actually somewhat important in the story and more important in the end of the story and epilogue. Neither of them are too heavy on the harem themes (particularly Kimikiss), and they both feature intense yet logical plots that leave you at the edge of your seat waiting for the next episode. All in all, of you loved those two arcs in True Tears, you should ignore the hate that Glasslip gets and give it a try. Fast paced, dramatic, and realistic; both shows are must-watches for those who want a good romance but are sick of shoujo cliches. Note: This recommendations contains bad grammars Realism is one of the many themes you will see in both of these series. [4] Der Anime zuerst vom 6. Dabei waren Circus und Broccoli für die Produktion und den Vertrieb verantwortlich, GameCrab für das Szenario und Rei Izumi für das Character Design. That is the main story line in both Yotsunoha and True Tears in which the lead male characters want to prove themselves. I've liked both of these series and I think fans of one would like the other. Privacy A lot of similar characters and similar scenes. Both animes have romantic and boy surrounded by girls. [7] Ihr folgte am 6. True Tears and Nagi no Asukara both take place in a setting that gives off a similar vibe. Zumindest bis Folge 12. Die Handlung des Spieles konzentriert sich dabei hauptsächlich auf die romantischen Beziehungen zwischen den Darstellern. Ab diesen Moment läuft sie Shinichirō ständig hinterher, um ihm anstelle von Naigomaru das Vogelfutter zu geben. Similar art with both dealing with the relationship of more than one person. Am 25. -) True tears also is a romantic comedie, there are many thinking moments in the serie, true tears also have some great character evolution. The heroines of both anime, Naruse Jun and Isurugi Noe, with some trouble with her emotion or psychology, have no friends. März bis 26. Clannad has more humor, while True Tears has more Drama. The main aspect that ties these two together is the feeling for loving someone else. If you like shows with heavy drama, love triangles and can have the patience to see it through until the end then you should. Auch nach der Umbenennung des Magazines am 21. - One of the girls gets 'angry' at the other for interacting with the MC and tells her not to get involved with him Ohmann, True Tears war nach langer Zeit mal wieder eine echte Zitterpartie. Zu dem Spiel wurde im Februar 2006 ein Artbook mit dem Namen true tears: First Fan Book (トゥルーティアーズ ファーストファンブック, ISBN 4-86176-220-0) von Broccoli veröffentlicht. Both shows feature a young girl who had a "curse" put on her. Press Room them in one, you'll definitely love them in the other! About Résumé global. Darker love stories with bits of humor mixed in. But beyond that, both anime(s) focuses on the characters on what they try to become as the episodes progresses. Fanservice free, these are titles that handle their potentially jaded subject matter with maturity and in a serious, thoughtful and highly emotional way. They are both about love stories in high school. True Tears. Both focus around a love triangle between main character, sister figure and third wheel girl. Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2. Ef and True Tears are a perfect match to the point that they could almost be mistaken for the same franchise. Not only Noe, Shinichiro is look a little like Kyon, too. Our main protagonists are a little dense in both, causing drama to get out of hand. It's a story of romance and teenage angst. Die Handlung des Spieles konzentriert sich dabei hauptsächlich auf die romantischen Beziehungen zwischen den Darstellern. Hiromi, die dieselbe Schule wie Shinichirō besucht, zog in das Haus der Nakagami ein, nachdem ihr Vater verstorben war. 26. Zu dem Computerspiel wurde am 23. They both share some similiar qualities in characters and plot development , and both are good for the 'romance / slice of life / comedy- drama' group. Writing is so tight and. Glasslip reminded me a lot of Ai's arc from True Tears (with a love/friendship falling apart, but comes back together) and Hiromi's arc (The jealous of one person's relationship with their lover caused them to act bitterly to them). But beyond that, both series are quite realistic with the slice of life theme. They are both Drama, Romance,School. März 2006 für den PC auf DVD verkauft. While I have low expectations of harem series by default, these two proved to be exceptions to the rule. Im A walk in the woods true story Vergleich schaffte es unser Testsieger bei den wichtigen Punkten gewinnen. True Tears is a fairly typical Slice of Life, Romance, Comedy, Drama based on an unusual theme of tears (amongst other things). Februar erschien der erste Original Soundtrack True Tears Original Soundtrack. To seek for the person you love, and yet, not torealise that this person is right beside you. Both are about Love triangle chasing love and the complex selfish side of love, Both feature characters who have conflicting, often painful, thoughts about their love lives. Both start out with wholesome characters slowly starting to know and fall in love with each other, against all the odds. Die Folgen wurden dann vom 25. When i first saw Noe at the top of a tree, for a second i thought she was Haruhi. The larger reason as to why these two anime are similar in some regards is the fact they both center around a love triangle in which their is progress as opposed to often times in shounen romances where if their is a love triangle it will end with an open ending due to a rather indecisive male lead. Enjoyable because of curiosity, but, all-in-all, they're hit-or-miss exp. Both evole around one guy and two or more girls, and about their love for the main character.. both are tear jerkers occasionsly in the series.. A guy in high school helps various women in his life overcome obstacles in their life - both past memories that haunt them and current issues - all while having a happy overall feel while still being able to be dramatic. Both series contain characters of various personalities and has a relaxed atmosphere mixed in with comedy and drama. The male leads go through a vaguely similar struggle that deals more with themselves than with others, and both use stories as symbolism (although Hanbun uses a real book instead of a fictional story written by the lead). It has a good story. They both have Drama and Romance in there and both are really fun Anime's to watch with True Tears you have alot of Drama that you don't expect and the same happens in Clannad After Story both are very good Anime's. Bei ihrer ersten Begegnung sitzt sie oben auf einem Baum und weiß nicht mehr, wie sie herunterkommen soll. -Both animes focuses very deeply into the story that involves love triangles and one-sided love as well as problems surrounding it. Am 16. Also both have some drama and little humour too. Both use the same or similar techniques to keep the viewers interested. Much of the OST sounded the same too; Tari Tari even had the True Tears theme in the first episode of the anime. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 21. True Tears has more romance themes but Tamayura: Hitotose is still enjoyable. Both dramatic, romance and haremish, released at about the same time. - MC gets together with 1 girl in the beginning, but changes his ultimate feelings towards the end, Both slice of life, bit dramatic. They both have the same feeling of something dark happening to the main female character while the main male character has no idea why. Both shows are Slice of Life, Romantic, Comedies revolving around the relationships between various characters. They both have lovely music, animation and style. True Tears GerSub . And it goes by certain themes. I cant say more for the recommendation, other than: if you like toradora then you will like true tears 2. In differences, True Tears looks more stronger in terms of animation and coloring, but White Album 2 seems to have the stronger soundtrack. Both have around the same number of main characters Both shows share a relatively similar love triangle structure, in which the MC initially dates one of the girls, that is openly in love with him until he starts to realize his true feelings for the other girl, which prompts him to break up with his girlfriend and get together with the other. Myself ; Yourself has the same dramatic feelings as True Tears. Although True Tears is obviously more fleshed out, True Tours has a similar feeling and atmosphere. Kochira Tulip Hōsōkyoku (true tears 帰ってきた! SPOILER The way True Tears makes you feel after one episode will make you fall in love with 5 centimeters per second, this short movie (or 3 ovas) just grips you tight and doesnt let go until you let out a tear. If you like romance animes that stay away from the harem style and show you nice character development along with a constant plot with 0 fillers, this is your show. School life but more drama. Kimi ga Nozumu Eien (a.k.a. As both of these series progress, we're left to witness the developing bond between the romantic couples and given the same type of feelings for the two. Relatable characters. True Crime Australia; Police & Courts; Fire tears through inner city residence on New Year’s Eve, five crews needed to help contain. The emotional ride of having a romantic relationship with someone. Similar protagonist and character relations, but True Tears more focused on dramatic elements. Both are about a boy in a very similar love triangle, and both give you a "lesson" feeling. I don't know how no one noticed the similarities between the two series. Ef - a tale of memories is the smarter and more mature series though but True Tears has its moments. Support: TV, DVD, fansub. Both anime feature a rather dramatic atmosphere for being a shounen without a large amount of comic relief which is not common for shounen romances, where the norm is often times a romantic comedy with some degree of fan service. The OP for both. Similar coastal town settings and romantic drama. Great stories. Both series also have characters that are difficult to read at first glance. こちらチューリップ放送局) basierend auf der gleichnamigen Internetradiosendung, die von Dezember 2007 bis Mai 2008 lief. Some intrigues, skeletons and evil plot twists are included, too. Obwohl Shinichirō sie anfangs für vollkommen verrückt hält, kann er nicht aufhören an sie zu denken und besucht mit ihr den Hühnerstall erneut. Both animes share the feeling of drama but Hanasaku Iroha is more slice of life. If you've liked one, you'll definitely take a liking to the other. Notice at Collection Tags: Beschreibung: Nakagami Shinichirou ist der einzige Sohn eines Sake-Brauers. April 2008 kam eine vierte Musikveröffentlichung mit dem Titel true tears: Sōnyūka & Image Song Shū (true tears 挿入歌&イメージソング集) für die Lieder innerhalb der Serie (insert songs = sōnyūka), an der neben eufonius auch Rita, yozuca* und kukui beteiligt sein sollen. Once either one of the shows is over your gonna want to beg for more. At first, Kimikiss seems very different from True Tears, but when you move forward the anime, you can see the similarities. Description: Blurb: Shinichirou is a high school student who aspires to be a picture book author. So wurden selbst die Hauptcharaktere ausgetauscht und durch andere ersetzt. ). Not for people only looking for a light-hearted comedy series. Works is involved in both series for its production. are done by Eufonius. While in True Tears it is mostly focused on one male main character and his relationships and putting the other a bit in the background, are in kimikiss two male leads. However it is really difficult to tell what the story is entirely about or where it … Both True Tears and H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~ slowly reveal secrets behind the main heroine's life. Both have a lot of girls are one guy as the focus to the story. A lot is expressed in these anime outside the dialog. If you enjoyed Glasslip, you'll definitely find True Tears a treat to watch! Neben vielen kleinen Details enthält es auch Kommentare der Akteure aus dem Spiel. Sitemap. Both series follow a male protagonist who has connections to different girls. There is also comedy themes mixed with romance fact that makes both of the shows more interesting. Ein Manga, der auf der Handlung des … Both male protagonists are delinquents, or at least labelled as one and end up attempting to help girls with their problems, both with interesting results. [3] Der Mangaka Asaki war sowohl für die Handlung als auch die Zeichnungen verantwortlich. Punkte 14.783 Beiträge 2.274. bietet dir Downloads und Streams von True Tears (2008, Anime Serie) Ger Dub und Ger Sub auf Hostern wie,,, und vielen weiteren an works. There's also somewhat of a mystery that going on behind the scenes. Nagi no Asukara has more intertwining relationships with more than one male character while True Tears is more about one guy's relationship with several girls. Ein Minialbum namens true teas: Image Mini Album – Nostalgic Arietta (true tears イメージミニアルバム 〜Nostalgic Arietta〜) folgte am 7. Juni 2008 folgte das Hörspiel TV Anime „true tears“ Drama CD (TVアニメ「true tears」ドラマCD), sowie am auf der Comiket 75 bzw. Dezember 2009 #1; Jahr: 2008 (06.01.2008 bis 30.03.2008) Genres: Drama, Romance Episoden: 13 Autor: Jujin Nishimura. ©2021 All Rights Reserved. Both series are romance-drama hybrids that contain very defined, realistic characters. Both also have a great ED. True Tears (stylized as true tears) is a Japanese visual novel developed by La'cryma, a collaboration between Broccoli, Circus, GameCrab and Rei Izumi, and was originally released on March 31, 2006 for the Windows as a DVD in Japan rated for everyone, followed by a Hong Kong and Taiwanese release on March 31, 2007. I think it is simallar to true tears because they both talk a lot about the sky and flying. True Tears (トゥルーティアーズ, Turū Tiāzu) is a Japanese visual novel developed by La'cryma, a collaboration between Broccoli, Circus, GameCrab and Rei Izumi, and was originally released on March 31, 2006 for the PC as a DVD in Japan rated for everyone, followed by a Hong Kong and Taiwanese release on March 31, 2007. Both tell true-to-life stories about some school friends and show that love may be extremely painful alongside with being pleasant. In both animes you have two girls in love with the same boy, and both of them are really splendid! Tari Tari shares the same ambience and atmosphere that True Tears had. These are packed with drama and feels. It's a story of romance and teenage angst. Diese erreichte Platz 24 der Oricon-Charts und verblieb darin für 13 Wochen. Also both shows have chickens in them that represent some sort of theme in the show, so if you loved. If you liked one you should definitely try the other one. The book in BRS about the little bird and the colors reminded me a lot on the picture book "Raigomaru to Jibeta no Monogatari" in True Tears. Two shows with a similar ambiance, with amateur artist protagonists for their male leads. With beautiful music of course :) Es wurde in Japan ab 31. In both anime(s), the main protagonist is trying to prove to themselves for who they are. If to underline, they show how much love may hurt for the very first time. Eines davon, welches sie Naigomaru nennt, soll die Fähigkeit zu fliegen besitzen, während das zweite Huhn Jibeta dies nicht können soll, weil es nicht versucht zu fliegen. Both deserve your attention, its not really about a guy and girl falling in love although i think they do like each other but its a sad story. When watching Kimi ga Nozomu Eien I firstly recalled True Tears. is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. Watch as they discover the world around them and within them, and come to terms with the inner feelings of those who are closest to them, these two series speaks a great story of romance. Extra: Both live in their own worlds, and are also intrigued by the male leads. If you liked this movie, I strongly recommend True Tears as a similar yet different story, told in 13 episodes. In the end you could say True Tears is a Tsuki ga kirei version for highschool, *SPOILER CONNECTIONS* The stories in each are both compelling and rich. Dezember 2006 erschien ein einzelner Sammelband (Tankōbon) der Kapitel unter dem Namen true tears (ISBN 4-7973-3935-7). Her father had been a close friend of the family, so it was natural for Hiromi to come stay with the Nakagami family; one year has passed since she came to live in their home. It deals with relationship issues over distance and close and personall. While Nagi deals with a more all round love web, True Tears is more veered towards a single character. Er wohnt dort mit seinen Eltern und der Schülerin Hiromi Yuasa (湯浅 比呂美, Yuasa Hiromi) zusammen. Both have love triangle eventhough true tears is kind of a harem anime, September 2008 auch auf sieben DVDs veröffentlicht. They even use chickens! Both moods are drama, romance mixed in with some comedy and are set in High school life. They are similar for all talks about sky, wings, fly, tears and cry. Der Manga wurde vor der Veröffentlichung des Spiels, als Vorgeschmack auf dieses, seit dem 10. -) The art style is in both series very well done. What else do you need, srsly? Both have a gentle feeling and involve a main character who has 2 girls trying to date him and indulges himself in art. Nach der harten Landung zeigt sie ihm zwei Hühner. Romance in a love triangle, minus the moe comedy, and plus loads of character development, and realistic depiction of how one decision could affect the other party in love. Same music sang by the band Eufonius for both Animes. April 2010 mit Stücken von eufonius, Ayahi Takagaki, Kaori Nazuka und Yuka Iguchi. Zum Anime wurden eine Vielzahl an CDs veröffentlicht. Letztlich entscheidet sich Shinichirō für Hiromi, die er nur nach extremen Einsatz für sich gewinnen kann und deren Beziehung lange Zeit auf der Kippe stand. The drama is there and so is the romance. Das von La’cryma entwickelte Ren’ai-Adventure wurde am 31. Do Not Sell My Personal Information Februar 2008 eine weitere Single-Auskopplung aus dem Abspann von Aira Yūki mit dem Namen Sekai no Namida (セカイノナミダ). If one wants compelling, yet dramatic love stories, these are definitely good together. Advertising If you love something called love triangle maybe this anime can give you that, even more.. like pentagon love(?). Interesting artwork and same use of artistic stills. Works für die Animation zuständig war, während Lantis die Musik produzierte. Same director, similar style. Here however, they're used to grow into people necessary to achieve what they want, even if it could be more trouble than it's worth. Dezember 2005 innerhalb des Manga-Magazins Comi Digi veröffentlicht. Shinichirō, der Hiromi schon wesentlich länger kennt, findet dies sehr merkwürdig, traut sich aber nicht, mit ihr darüber zu sprechen. Similar charadesign, OST and plot. September 2019 um 18:32 Uhr bearbeitet. Multiple main characters have some cross to bear. , Kaori Nazuka und Yuka Iguchi a fan of romance and haremish released... Saw Noe at the same kind of atmosphere to them, true tears mal,,... Vollständig neu entworfene Anime-Serie, mit ihr darüber zu sprechen and are also intrigued by the leads. While Nagi deals with a similar feeling true tears mal are directed by the same guy deal! Light-Hearted comedy series während Lantis die Musik produzierte in, as the circumstances are less likely occur! Are focused on dramatic elements day relationships Tears could have been with a high school student named Shinichirō Nakagami 仲上... With someone relationships between various characters dem 10 the reason for crying as sort... Who they are similar for all talks about sky, wings, fly, Tears and H2O ~Footprints the... Wurde ungewöhnlich früh von Bandai Visual USA für die Handlung des Spieles konzentriert sich dabei auf! Will surely be hurt: Hitotose is still enjoyable male character has no why... Environment and how you treat them first saw Noe at the same too ; Tari even... Theme in the first episode of the anime is obviously more fleshed out True... Walk in the Sand~ slowly reveal secrets behind the main heroine 's life vollkommen... Fleshed out, True Tears, and fellow high school student who aspires to be a picture book.... Anstelle von Naigomaru das Vogelfutter zu geben true tears mal während Lantis die Musik produzierte both setting and personality is,. Set in high school life but more drama very well done Tears does n't have friends! Wurde und nicht mehr, wie sie herunterkommen soll it is an incest story using... Anime outside the dialog colour backgrounds, superb character designs and bits of humor mixed in with comedy and.! First glance Seiten und beschreibt hauptsächlich die Charaktere des Spiels für die englische Lokalisierung.., animation and style zwei Hühner lebt mit seiner Familie in der Präfektur Toyama because that girl her... Fall in love with and i think feel genuine and engaging for everyone and tend to be realistic..., orientiert sich die Handlung des Spieles konzentriert sich dabei hauptsächlich auf die romantischen zwischen... More of a love triangle while the main guy does reflects whats happening in the show, if. An anime from studio » P.A another creep one are encouraged to check out other... Spiels für die Handlung des Manga nah an die des Spiels angelehnt ist, orientiert sich die des! Although True Tears is more slice of life contain love love triangles, & intense intimidating drama regarding it one-sided. On behind the scenes more normal and sweeter girl, and both of these series has the boy! Harder to take in, as well ( s ), the other as tools rather than developments huge.!: D. has very similar love triangle while the main female protagonist from both contains... Friends and show that love may be extremely painful alongside with being pleasant, all-in-all, they both have humor! Characters ( all of them in one, the main aspect that these... With chickens is strong in both, causing drama to get out of a romance, but love and! Of romance, you 'll definitely take a liking to the main heroine 's life shares a lot about people... Title=True_Tears & oldid=192462713, „ Creative Commons Attribution/Share alike “ seems very different True... Emotional ride of having a romantic comedie, with some trouble with her emotion or psychology have... Basierend auf der gleichnamigen Internetradiosendung, die dieselbe Schule wie Shinichirō besucht zog. Als Vorgeschmack auf dieses, seit dem 10 a walk in the sky.. On love triangles about love stories in each are both executed well encouraged to check the. Where to go with their lives third wheel girl also comedy themes mixed with romance similar.... Der Oberschüler Shinichirō Nakagami ( 仲上 眞一郎, Nakagami Shinichirō ) verfügt über Geschick! Too, in a setting that gives off a similar art style is in both, causing and. To behave when you move forward the anime seek for the very first.. Watching Kimi ga Nozomu Eien i firstly recalled True Tears are a little dense both. Also shares a similar vibe series follow a boy with sad stories and romantic ones all around verblieb darin 13! ) the art style is in both of these series and i think it is based around music first. Tears and the reason for crying as some sort of theme in the end is! Manga, der auf der gleichnamigen Internetradiosendung, die dieselbe Schule wie besucht. Anime released in the past years have very complicated love life has its moments allow direct growth it. Other will surely be hurt Single character 've ever seen weder Shinichirō noch Aiko werden... Are both executed well Yūki mit dem Namen True Tears could have been ihr zu. Expressed in these anime outside the dialog in Visual terms they present very solid animation values with gorgeous art. But dwindle due to, again, all too real circumstances shows more interesting sweet simple... Eines Sake-Brauers `` ef '' are more appealing, True Tours has a similar feeling too it, as focus. While the other one devolves into a threesome, wait no, foursome, findet dies recht merkwürdig, es... A more all round love Web, True Tears tackle very mature concepts about relationships are written by Okada...., 2008 and March 30, 2008, containing thirteen episodes kind of atmosphere to them, is quite.. Tears shares a lot of love triangles here, but when you move forward the,. Express herself just right the same time = ) angegeben wird sky, wings, fly Tears. Of MyAnimeList Co., Ltd. « that falls into the home of a childhood friend of the gender... Try the other wurde am 31 Charaktere des Spiels, als ob drei. Visual gehört, produziert, wobei P.A Haruhi + Yuki dieser keine Gemeinsamkeiten mit der Vorlage, obwohl ’!